. When acquiring a product or tourist service, always ask for the services rendered contract. Read them itentely to certify that all the terms in it established are clear.

. Website: : Click in accessing system – enter as a visitor – to consult – then indicates the State – City – Activities to Research.

. Only sign the contract if you agreed with everything established in it. That is worth for all: travel agencies, tourist carriers, lodging means, organizers of events and guides of tourism.

. Trips and excursions must be always organized and operated properly by agencies registered. And it is obligatory a professional’s accompaniment – the guide of tourism properly formed and registered at the Ministry of Tourism.

. The guide of Tourism has the obligation of carrying the identification badge sent by the Ministry, in a visible place, so that the tourist can identify your name, the languages that speaks, the category in that is registered and period of validity of your credential

. The agency or operator should accomplish the advertising offer (when there is). In this case, always keep the whole promotional material with you. It can be very important in case of an eventual complaint or action against the company.


. If you do not have any programmed script for your tours, look for the Centers of Attendance of the Tourist:

. When being approached by workers of tourism services and feel molested, look for

- Police Station of Protection to the Tourist (067) 3368 6144

- Virtual Police Station:

- PROCON – 151

- AGEPAN – / 0800 600 05 06


It is advisable to vaccinate against yellow fever 10 days before the trip to the Pantanal.

The vaccines are supplied freely by the Sanitary Surveillance of Ministry of Health, in the Airports (Guarulhos, Congonhas – SP., Campo Grande – MS., Bus Station of Corumbá – MS.) in vaccination places and in the border of the States of MT and MS.


Cameras, binoculars, small backpackers, suntan lotion, insect’s repellent, raincoat, trousers for horse walks, hats or bonnets, boots or tennis, and comfortable clothes for walks and warm clothing for not being surprised by an abrupt fall of temperature.


It can be 30 C in the summer and 10 C in the winter.

The seasons are well defined. In the summer the climate can be very hot and in the winter, very cold.


It is necessary to have a license for the practice of this activity. The formularies are available in the agency of the Bank of Brazil in the State, or they can be obtained through the site:


The dive operators supply clothes, fins, snorkel and mask for surface dives and they also rent tubes of oxygen for autonomous divers.

. To do autonomous dives, it’s necessary to have a dive course.


For those who are not accustomed with the hot sun, take care to do not get insolation; always walk in the trails or tracks accompanied by a local guide; do not drink water from the rivers, streams and ponds; do not feed the animals or get too much closer them. Keep distance. In case of wild animals, they can represent danger.

. Walks in your majority are even safe for children, except for new-born babies and in some cases, for visitors with physical limitations.


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